Boundaries and Subtleties

    Boundaries have come up for me front and center within the last month. I have been recognizing in the last year how boundaries, more specifically, non-boundaries have shaped some of my life significantly. And I am grateful that it is coming into clear vision within my life. Of all the ways to bring it up, it was my furry companions who filled in the outline to get a more complete insight. Shortly before the year's end in 2020 I agreed to foster a cat from a friend who had passed away. I had been thinking about opening up my home to another cat for a while. I already have two and living with them has taught me that cats are very structured beings. They like things just as they are. When they claim a chair and you sit in it, they get irritated. Every time I have moved, I watch them and which spaces they claim so I can arrange my home decorations and outlay around that. Much easier to do then having them moving things around, knocking them off a shelf or dresser drawer to bre

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