Love and the Mindset of Abundance

    We most certainly live in extraordinary times. We are easing into the Age of Aquarius, into a new energy that will, once again, transform all: All of us, all of the world, all of the Universe. It is a time of great upheaval and it is a time of unlimited possibilities. As we are shifting in the energies of connection and community, of consciousness and choices, this is the time to embrace all that is sacred. Within you and around you. And you guessed it. Everything made of love is sacred. This is the time to remember that you are made of love, that everything around you is made of love. From the pebbles to the mountain, from the drop of water to the ocean, from the blade of grass to the tallest trees, all is about love. And so is every atom, every cell that makes up your body. We are Divine as much as we are human. Every single cell within our body is sacred. All we have to do is to remember... All I have to do is to remember... All you have to do is to remember... For th

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